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Beneath all the luscious women, positioned strategically to one side of the room, is the ultra-comfortable PUF foam bed where the 'manufacturing process' is meant to take place. On the wall hangs a picture of a beautiful, naked, blonde, her palms pressed together in prayer, her face raised to the sun in hope. Considering the quantity of female nudity on display, does he ever worry about the police harassing him on obscenity charges? They are writhing and squirming to an unknown beat, their long tails flicking rapidly.

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Bored chubby hottie tries out different sex toys in bed. But I also won't be able say for sure that a given child is not my offspring. But the ICMR guidelines are not laws yet, and there is no legal provision to stop a cash-starved or greedy sperm bank from selling as many samples as it likes of a particularly fertile donor.

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Sexy chubby chick flashes her goodies before sucking and riding a dick in bed. A combination of factors -- social stigma attached to childlessness, the cumbersome formalities in adoption, and the fact that it is comparatively cheap to use donor sperm process costs Rs2,500-Rs3,000 have ensured that sperm banking will remain a growth industry for a long time to come. Only, if every infertile couple thinks that way, sperm banks will have to shut down and Pawar will struggle to pay his mess bills.

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Right on top of the pile is a special 'swimsuit' issue. Pawar, however, seems to have evolved far beyond the selfish gene mentality. Considering the quantity of female nudity on display, does he ever worry about the police harassing him on obscenity charges? Fat blonde girlfriend trying to cover her face while being screwed in missionary sex position.

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