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A speculum is inserted into the vagina to expose the cervix. It is important to remember that genetic causation of homosexuality has not yet been scientifically verified. Gay men are automatically excluded from sperm donor programs using hypothetical risk of HIV transmission as justification.

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Using donor sperm with artificial insemination is sometimes called donor insemination DI or therapeutic donor insemination TDI. Most sperm banks operate on an anonymous donor basis; an extended profile of all of their donors' personalities and interests are used to match donors with recipient couples.

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About 150 commercial sperm banks exist in the United States; these banks are often clustered around universities where many young men live who are considered to be intelligent and virile. A speculum is inserted into the vagina to expose the cervix. Candidates also undergo vigorous, lengthy interviews involving personal questions concerning sexual behavior, family background and reasons for participating in semen donor programs.

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The donor sperm needs to be placed inside the neck of the uterus the cervix at around the time the egg is released. A small sample of frozen sperm is thawed and placed into the cervix using a small plastic instrument.

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