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The product that I recommend and use is called Volume Pills. Increasing the volume of your sperm increases your fertility by increasing the number of sperm that are produced during each ejaculation.

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The natural pill can be used to increase fertility as well as for recreational purposes. I have tried to shop around for a similar product to recommend but their site is the only site which sells this pill which is used by male porn stars across the world. The orgasms felt more intense then they did when I was a teenager. The intensity of a male orgasm has been proven to be directly related to the amount of semen travelling through the penis.

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Diet and too much masturbation are the 2 main causes of poor sperm quality and lack of volume. The intensity of a male orgasm has been proven to be directly related to the amount of semen travelling through the penis. When you ejaculate, your penis pumps semen, which many men and women find pleasurable.

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After the initial benefits of the product I continued its use and sure enough I was producing at least 3-4 times more sperm than before and it was thick white sperm which obviously showed it was of high quality. You can attempt to make your own Volume Pills , type formula with natural ingredients. Because more semen is being ejaculated your orgasm will also last longer.

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