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The Sperm Bank issued a press release last year insisting that "These pictures are completely misleading. The photo is not from a hospital, its the kitchen of a Shanghai restaurant where the house specialty is Cream of Sum Yun Ghai. Comments There are sperm banks in China?

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Comments There are sperm banks in China? Looks like a hoax to me..... That was my thought exactly!!! Shanghai Sperm Bank Offers Helping Hand Pictures showing a Shanghai Sperm Bank that allegedly "gives men a hand" with sperm donations did the rounds last year, and now they seem to be circulating again.

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I'd do some reasonable moonlighting for it, but it wouldn't be worth that kind of inconvenience. This strikes me as potentially being still shots from some porn movie. Yes, Canadarm, there are sperm banks in China - there are even fertility clinics and such in Africa http: Comments There are sperm banks in China?

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