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These parasitic fungi can usually be eradicated by simply eliminating one of the hosts, in this case, either the fern or the fir tree. General characteristics A fern plant generally consists of one or more fronds attached to a rhizome.

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A rhizome is a specialized, root-like stem. Researchers estimated that these ferns took more than 1,180 years to grow to this size, possibly putting them among the oldest living plants on Earth. However, some, like bracken fern, contain poisons or carcinogens. When this dried-out fern is soaked in water, it rapidly expands and becomes green in a day or so, attesting to the remarkable desiccation tolerance of this species.

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In the species of rust fungi that attack ferns, part of the life cycle must be completed on the fern, and part on the fir tree. The size, shape, and position of the sori are frequently used in species identification.

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In contrast, the gametophyte is dominant in the more evolutionarily primitive bryophytes mosses, liverworts, and hornworts , whereas the sporophyte is dominant in the more evolutionarily advanced seed plants. Some botanists previously considered these as ancestors of the ferns, because they had leaves somewhat similar to fern fronds.

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