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How many kids can you father? Once the colleges start, I'll get more donors.

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This ties in with the rising number of infertility cases in India, with as much as 10-15 per cent of all Indian couples estimated to be infertile. They are writhing and squirming to an unknown beat, their long tails flicking rapidly.

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But I also won't be able say for sure that a given child is not my offspring. To make life easy for donors who don't believe in the print media, there is a flat screen TV and a DVD player, on which you can watch porn for a noble cause. Theoretically, 75, for that is the maximum number of samples a bank is allowed to sell from one donor. A combination of factors -- social stigma attached to childlessness, the cumbersome formalities in adoption, and the fact that it is comparatively cheap to use donor sperm process costs Rs2,500-Rs3,000 have ensured that sperm banking will remain a growth industry for a long time to come.

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Won't it become unknowing incest? That makes it Rs340 per week or a cool Rs1,364 per month -- enough to pay for his meals and still have something to spare for movies and cigarettes. If there is a patron deity of masturbation, this has to be it.

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