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SHE put her on-air career on hold for new adventures. The father of a baby born to a 12-year-old in Perth has been identified as a teenager known to the mother, according to reports. Within hours of his birth, Lillian Saleh posted a picture of her son on Facebook and has chronicled his first year of life online. A boy believed to be born smallest in the world has stunned his doctors, miraculously surviving despite weighing just 268 grams.

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Risk for pregnant women who drink tea A NEW study has found an alarming risk factor for babies when their mothers consume a lot of caffeine during pregnancy. But doctors say it was a reckless, dangerous decision. The CEO of an American nursing home has stepped down after a woman who had been in a coma for 10 years gave birth. I had a baby despite having cancer WHEN Trish received the devastating diagnosis she refused to give up on becoming a mum.

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When you have a newborn baby, your waistline is the last thing on your mind. A pregnant Australian mother is lucky to be alive after she accidentally stabbed herself in the neck in a gruesome accident. Man fathered 16 kids as a uni student AUSTRALIA is in the grips of a sperm shortage as the idea loses appeal, but a man whose donations created 16 kids thinks blokes should give it a go.

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