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Alone or together with a sex partner, you can discover how your body reacts to being touched. For many men, the peak moment during sex is when you come, whether you are masturbating on your own or having sex with someone else. Here are some other tips for postponing your orgasm:

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These are the volcano of all orgasms, or the tsunami of all orgasms. If we focus, we can bring about spiritual feelings. These kinds of orgasms can easily be taught. Once the energy is built, it kicks into a release phase, which can be mild or extremely intense.

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When the Earth Moves—Women and Orgasm. Breath and Energy Orgasms The fact that our mainstream culture does not acknowledge or practice these kinds of orgasms is in my expert opinion a major oversight. There has been some scientific study on energy orgasms, but a very minimal amount, as far as I could ascertain.

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It is important to bare in mind that one grain of sand is not better or worse than another. When the Earth Moves—Women and Orgasm. Especially if you or your sex partner thinks you come too quickly, it is worth learning how to postpone your orgasm.

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