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Several droplets spray the screen for emphasis, as Tearju collapses and twitches through the remainder of it. Also, the whole discussion of did she or didn't she want to go on the plane at the end.

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Hewy's Animated Movie Reviews: Willow's orgasm is shown by her eyes going very wide. Battlestar Galactica was apparently asked to reduce an orgasm scene, only to respond that they had a Cylon orgasm with flashing lights in her spine!

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In a flashback Alicia Dominica was pretty blatantly getting off staring at his ribcage, and it was a lot more sexual; the Emperor and his Companion are still a bit squicked about it 5000 years later. The movie's big overriding question is what exactly the MPAA's rationale is — two naked lesbians under bedsheets are a moral disgrace, but the infamous masturbating into an apple pie scene in American Pie had no apparent problems. Beautiful Girl is shitting next in the restaurant. In Go Get a Roomie!

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