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Then later we dust off an old Thompson family Itty-Bitty Theater, followed by some of their favorite Christmas memories. Then later we discover some of the strangest things the family keeps in their cars and we close out with a game of 5 Seconds. And, the girls react to post-mortem, Comments with Skeeter maybe , and the family plays What am I? That, plus other fun Easter facts.

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Bradley and Amy are making it official! How was your Thanksgiving? With Easter around the corner, we remember some of the good times, and the tearful ones.

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All that plus Fact or Crap and more pressure washing. Are you using your college degree, another reason to love dogs, and do try your best to listen as Mark tells us the ideal age to own a home and about ghosting in the work place. Also, potheads are doing something more than the sobers, and if you could own any animal as a pet, what would you get?

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Also, an update on the weirdness that is Richard Simmons and an update from listener Jorge about 3 months late. All that plus listener comments and What Am!?

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