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P Liberate Internet from Pubeless children in the hopes of forcing the aggressive 12th Annoying Children Regiment to retreat from the Internet. But us so-called stupid, 12 year, olds will not know the difference, from a fake, and a real, article. This article is as stupid as the person who wrote it.

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They walk around just like us. The other kiddies here who are claiming to be literate crack me up. To all other twelve year olds reading this page I urge you to actually say something intelligent instead of just proving these guys right! Im 12 so get one thing straight yuhh sap not every 12 year old is stupid nd yehh i doo type lyk dis buhh duz dahh av ehin teh du wiv yhuu????

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And I'm 14, so now I realise I must go back in time to kill th 12 year old me! There are some mature 12 year olds who may appear as if they are adults. What kind of person wastes their time bashing a age group? Note how said twelve year old is attempting to argue his point of view, whilst making a spelling mistake on almost every word.

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